Privacy Policy


This policy concerns the confidential rules that govern writing and the accessibility of the by individuals all over the world. The data collected from users helps improve the information of our web pages to broaden the content on our pages which is never sold, leased nor passed across to any individual.

However, whenever an individual accesses our website, the web server automatically gathers quality information that includes your IP address, the type of browser, the operating system used and the period when accessed. Alternatively, we use our personal files to expound on the information contained on the webpage in regard to the type of browser, IP address or other information that is not clearly understood.

In addition to that, we also have some text files, known as cookies, which identify your computer to our server. However, you must clearly understand that these text files cannot identify the individual user but only identifies the type of computer used. This is a task many websites perform whenever a user gets access to their site in order to keep watch over trafficking by users that are new to the site.

However, these cookies are limited to their area of operation in such a way that they only keep a record of the areas of the site that have been accessed by the computer in question and to the duration of time in question. Moreover, users have the priviledge to set their computers to accept all these text files, to be notified whenever a cookie is issued or to be in a position to receive text files at any time.  On the contrary, if the user is not in a position to receive the cookies at any time, then the required information in view of personalized services cannot be availed to the user in question.

In some cases, optional information is provided when an individual may be asked to submit his personal details. For instance, his or her name, the e-mail address, or other personal information for instance, in cases whereby one is requesting for a brochure or a prospectus. However, it is clear that this information is never collected for commercial purposes but this varying study of information is used for the local market research.

It should be brought to your attention that your personal information that is inclusive of your e-mail address can only be shared in cases whereby an individual contacts the server to report a problem, request some information or give a response on the services we provide.

Consequently, the information you avail to us may be used for upcoming uses that had not been previously put across in our confidential policy. Hence in cases of future developments in our information practices, the changes in the policies will be advertised on this page. In situations where an individual is conscious of his information use, he must visit this page frequently. This is because the server only uses the information collected from the period the policy is amended onwards whenever need arises.

Regardless of this, the user is assured of total security measures put up to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of the data collected.

On the other hand, in cases of accessibility to other links including those maintained by the State, the user is liable to the terms and conditions of the website in question its private policy. Thus, whenever there is a need to provide visitors with some specific information, this website offers a link to the local, state and federal government agencies and websites of other organizations, which does not comprise a backup of the content, opinions, accuracy, policies, products, services or any accessibility of that website.

Nevertheless, the information collected from either the employers or employees is important in making and determining the claim for benefits. Therefore, it should be available to the parties that have been affected in liason with effecting placement. The information thus is for the exclusive use of the commissioner in the execution of his duties. This information should therefore not be used in the public in any court or proceeding unless the commissioner is a party to this, notwithstanding any other provisions made by the law.

Future trends state that there is an evolution in our policies to merge the demands of the users. As the technology changes from time to time, the quality of services provided on our website are improved as we update our Privacy Policy to the expected standards. As a result of this, we encourage users to frequently visit this page to be updated on the most recent policies and practices.

The quality of work produced by the writer greatly determines the amount of workload offered on a certain order. Hence, a writer has a right to request a sample of the material in question to ensure that the work availed in return amounts to the maximum standards expected.

In addition to this, the writer is requested to conform to the rules of the Privacy Policy by allowing the user to sample out pages from the work done and give it to other clients in order to help them improve on their quality of work produced. However, the writer is assured that only a small piece of the work sample; approximately a half a page is availed to the client and thus, it cannot be distributed to other clients. 

Last but not least, the progressive delivery policy states that a writer receives his order at different intervals. Each section is delivered within an agreed time limit and thereafter, comments and approvals awaited within a period of 24-72 hours. The policy requires that a client is entitled as a subject to his respective writer and offer guidance when need arises. The writer should also be in a position to provide feedback and make approvals of the different sections of the orders forwarded to you within the agreed timeline.

Finally, it should be brought to your attention that failure to adhere to the time-lines, there is a penalty of your final paper being automatically extended by the duration of time extended. Therefore, once you are entitled to this policy, you should approve your orders to ensure your requirements are fulfilled at every stage of writing. However, this delivery options have a variety of limitations depending on the type of orders. This is optional as it does not apply to orders that range from eight hours to three days, with a total value of less than $200, though it is compulsory for those papers that exceed or amount to 7-10 days, with a total price of over $600.