To handle Crime Essay Topics effectively, you should grasp the content contained in the text. There are several areas you can be asked to handle. They include the various themes handled by the author, the characters in the book, and how they affect the plot, literary devices used, and the story’s settings, among others.

The most crucial thing is to ensure that the content you prepare is related to the topic. Moreover, you should comprehensively write on the subject. An incomplete crime essay is already an indication that you are not serious about the task.

When the topics are not issued, you are expected to come up with one on your own. Although it may be challenging to decide on the topics, it gives you the freedom to prepare an essay that you are comfortable with.

How to Select the Best Crime Essay Topic

Before selecting a topic on crime and punishment, ensure that you follow the following guidelines:

If you carefully follow the three guidelines above, then formulating a topic on crime and punishment should be easy and fast.

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Crime Essay Topics

Best Crime Essay Ideas

  1. Status Crime: White Collar Crime in Organizations
  2. Organized Crime: The Canadian Mafia
  3. Crime Explanation Using Biology and Psychology
  4. Murder Cases: Technology for Crime Monitoring and Control
  5. The Sex Crime: Influence of Childhood Experiences
  6. DNA Analysis: A Crime-Fighting Tool or Invasion of Privacy?
  7. Drugs and Crime Committed Under the Influence
  8. Counterfeit Products and Sociological Theories of Crime
  9. White-Collar Crime Description
  10. Seventh Day Adventists Fight Crime in Jamaica
  11. The Drug Trafficking as Organized Crime
  12. Crime Trends in London and Manchester: 2005 to 2009
  13. The Crime of Homicide: History and Laws
  14. The Relationship Between Race and Crime in the United States
  15. Crime Level Investigation in the United States
  16. Juvenile Crime: Punishment of Juvenile Crime
  17. Psychological Disorders and How They Promote Crime and Conduct Problems
  18. What Impact Has Feminism Had in the Study of Women and Crime?
  19. Enron Corporation’s Scandal: White-Collar Crime
  20. Social Change and Crime Rate Trends
  21. The Natural Crime Concept in the Legal System
  22. Do Increases in Hate Crime Suggest That We Have Become Less Civilized and More Violent?
  23. Computer Crime Prevention Measures
  24. Violent Crime, Its Forms and Patterns
  25. Hate Crime: History and Prevalence in the US
  26. Crime against Persons With Disabilities
  27. Network Security and Cyber Crime, Super-Highway Metaphor
  28. Comparison of Primary Crime Data Sources Used In the United States
  29. Theories of Crime and Juvenile Rights
  30. The First Responding Officer in Crime Scene Investigation: Primary Duties
  31. Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh’s Crime
  32. Criminal Case Analysis: Criminal Act Synopsis, Crime Identification
  33. Psychoanalytic and Social Learning Theories Explaining Crime

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Crime Essay Topics
Crime Essay Topics

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Argumentative Crime Essay Topics

  1. Book Report Of The Novel ‘Crime And Punishment’
  2. Coincidences In Dostoevsky’S Crime And Punishment
  3. Crime And Punishment Analysis
  4. Crime And Punishment By Dostoevsky
  5. Crime And Punishment In Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
  6. Crime And Punishment In The Middle Ages
  7. Describe Raskolnikov’S Living Conditions From Crime And Punishment
  8. On Raskolnikov’S Trial In Fyodor Dostoyevsky’S Crime And Punishment
  9. Our Topic For This Paper Is Crime And Punishment.
  10. Short Story Comparative Analysis Of The Landlady And Crime And Punishment
  11. The Key Features And Changes In The History Of Crime And Punishment In The Uk
  12. A Bruise on The Heart – Symbolic Image in Crime and Punishment
  13. A Comparative Study of Female Characters in King Lear, Crime and Punishment and to The Punishment
  14. Analysis of Raskolnikov’s Intent to Kill in Crime and Punishment
  15. Analysis of The Novel `crime and Punishment’ Written by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Persuasive Crime Essay Topics

  1. Comparative Crime and Punishment in England and Pakistan
  2. Crime and Punishment and Don Quixote: Deconstructing The Concept of Madness
  3. Cyrano as a Tragic Hero in Crime and Punishment
  4. Delinquency in Crime and Punishment
  5. Existentialism in Dostoevsky’s Novel Crime and Punishment
  6. Isolability in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment
  7. Resurrection in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment
  8. Siblings in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment
  9. Super Women in Crime and Punishment
  10. The Crime Features in Crime and Punishment
  11. The Description of Marmeladov in Crime and Punishment
  12. The Importance of Minor Characters in Crime and Punishment
  13. The Irony in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment
  14. The Role of Setting in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment
  15. Utilitarianism in The Novel Crime and Punishment

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Criminal Psychology Research Topics

  1. What is the nature of criminal behavior?
  2. How does the lack of education affect the incarceration rates?
  3. Childhood aggression and the impact of divorce
  4. The effect of the upbringing on antisocial adult behavior
  5. How do gender and cultural background affect one’s attitude towards drug abuse?
  6. Forensic psychology and its impact on the legal system
  7. What is the role of criminal psychologists?
  8. Different types of forensic psychological evaluations
  9. What’s the difference between therapeutic and forensic evaluation?
  10. Does socioeconomic status impact one’s criminal behavior?

Controversial Topics in Criminal Justice

  1. Reform vs. punishment: which one offers more benefits?
  2. Restorative justice model: is it the best criminal justice tool?
  3. The war on drugs: does it really solve the drug problem?
  4. Criminal insanity: is it a reason enough for exemption from liability?
  5. Juvenile justice system: should it be eliminated?
  6. Drug testing on the school ground.
  7. Police brutality in the United States.
  8. How to better gun control?
  9. Why Gun Control Laws Should be Scrapped.
  10. Pornography: is it a type of sexual violence?
  11. Whether death penalty can be applied fairly?
  12. Jack the Ripper: who was he?
  13. The modern justice system: is it racist?
  14. A false accusation: how can one protect themselves from it?
  15. Concealed weapons: what are the criminal codes of various states?
  16. Race and crime: is there a correlation?
  17. Registering sex offenders: should this information be in public records?
  18. Juvenile delinquency and bad parenting: is there a relation?
  19. Assessing juveniles for psychopathy or conduct disorder.
  20. Should all new employees be checked for a criminal background?
  21. Are delinquency cases higher among immigrant children?
  22. Restrictive housing: can it help decongest prisons?
  23. Homegrown crimes: is there an effective program against them?
  24. Prostitution: the controversy around legalization.
  25. Eyewitness testimony: is it really helpful in an investigation?
  26. Youthful offenders in boot camps: is this strategy effective?
  27. Predictive policing: is it effective?
  28. Selective incapacitation: is it an effective policy for reducing crime?
  29. Social class and crime: is there a relation?
  30. Death penalty: is it effective in crime deterrence?
  31. Extradition law: is it fair?
  32. Devious interrogations: is deceit acceptable during investigations?
  33. Supermax prisons: are they effective or just cruel?
  34. Zero tolerance: is it the best policy for crime reduction?
  35. Marijuana decriminalization: pros and cons.
  36. Marijuana legalization in the US.

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Good Organized Crime Essay Topics

  1. The Difference Between Organized Crime and Terrorism
  2. The Origins and History of Organized Crime in the US
  3. Organized Crime: Power from the Needs of Society
  4. Differences Between Drug Related and Organized Crime in America
  5. Industrial Clusters, Organized Crime and Productivity Growth in Italian SMEs
  6. Formal Employment and Organized Crime: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Colombia
  7. Enumerating the Factors Causing Organized Crime in the World
  8. Organized Crime, Phishing Attacks, Check Processing and Identity Theft
  9. The Knapp Commission: Organized Crime and Police Corruption
  10. Organized Crime and Women in Politics: Evidence From a Quasi-Experiment in Southern Italy
  11. Understanding Transnational Organized Crime Criminology
  12. The Storm Before the Calm? Adverse Effects of Tackling Organized Crime
  13. Organized Crime, Foreign Investment and Economic Growth
  14. Organized Crime and South Ossetian De Facto Independence
  15. Controlling Organized Crime Analysis
  16. The United Nations’ Impact on Organized Crime
  17. Organized Crime and Political, Economic, and Social Structure
  18. The Relationship Between Organized Crime and Drugs
  19. The Effects and Issues of Organized Crime and Terrorism in the United States and the Rest of the World
  20. Illegal Immigration, Human Trafficking, and Organized Crime
  21. Japanese, Russian, Chinese, And Mexican Organized Crime
  22. Organized Crime And The Problem Of Social Disorganization
  23. Legal Agriculture: Farmland Confiscated from Organized Crime
  24. Prohibtion and the Advancement of Organized Crime
  25. Similarities Between Terrorism and Organized Crime
  26. Prohibition and the Rise of Organized Crime
  27. The Two Major Figure That Played Role in Expansion of Organized Crime after the 1920s
  28. Trafficking and Organized Crime During Latin America
  29. African American Gangs and the Italian Organized Crime Groups
  30. Gun Control and Organized Crime in America
  31. Basic Requirements Enter Organized Crime
  32. Crime and Organized Crime of the White Collar
  33. How the Economic Downturn and Prohibitions of the 1920s in America Lead to the Rise of Organized Crime
  34. How Government Coordination Controlled Organized Crime
  35. Military Counterintelligence Versus Countering Transnational Organized Crime
  36. Organized Crime Syndicates and Commercial Burglaries
  37. Bootlegging and Organized Crime During the Time of Pohibition in the United States in the 1920s
  38. Organized Crime: Profits from Pornography and Prostitution
  39. Organized Crime and its Growth During Prohibition
  40. Drug Trafficking, Organized Crime, and Terrorism Interactions

Crime Essay Example

Related FAQs

1. What is a crime essay?

If you are a newbie or curious first-time reader, you may be asking yourself, “What is crime essay?” As the name suggests, it is a coherent set of ideas on an illegal act for which the government punishes someone. “What does that have to do with me?

2. What do you mean by crime essay?

Essay about Crime. In general the definition of a crime is an act punishable by law, usually considered an evil act. Crime refers to many types of misconduct forbidden by law. Crimes include such things as murder, stealing a car, resisting arrest, possession or dealing of illegal drugs, being nude in public , drunk driving, and bank robbery.

3. What is the conventional definition of crime?

One definition is a legal definition: crime is a violation of criminal law. Criminologist Edwin Sutherland calls this the conventional definition of crime because it is commonly used. He adds that it is typical to distinguish a crime from a tort.

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