We all know that cancer is a serious and life-threatening illness, but it’s also one that can be difficult to understand and talk about.

If you’re looking for ideas for writing about cancer in an essay, or just want to find some good Cancer Essay Topics to write about, this list of essay topics will help you out.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a term used to describe a wide range of diseases that affect the body’s cells. These diseases can be diagnosed by examining the cells and tissues in a person’s body, and they can be classified into several types based on how they spread and what they cause.

There are many different types of cancer, but all share some common features. Cancer cells are able to grow and spread rapidly, which is why it’s so important to get early diagnosis and treatment.

Some cancers are caused by genes, while others are caused by environmental factors or lifestyle choices. Regardless of how they form, all cancers need consistent treatment in order to survive and become less likely to return.

There is no cure for all types of cancer, but many treatments are available that can help people live longer and healthier lives.

Cancer Essay Topics

Argumentative Cancer Essay Topics

  1. The effectiveness of various treatments for cancer
  2. The ethics of cancer research and treatment
  3. The impact of cancer on patients and their families
  4. Cancer’s link to other diseases
  5. Possible causes of cancer
  6. The need for continued research into cancer

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Compare and Contrast Cancer Essay Topics

  1. Biology of cancer
  2. Types of cancer
  3. Cancer treatments
  4. Survival rates for different types of cancer
  5. Causes and factors that lead to cancer
  6. Complex Fibroadenoma and Breast Cancer Risk
  7. Corrution the cancer of Indian society
  8. Creativity in People With Cancer Essay (Critical Writing)
  9. CRISPR and Cas-9 Technology as the Solution to Cancer
  10. Culberson County, Texas: the Unreported County in Regards to Cancer Occurrence
  11. Current Standing of Breast Cancer and its Effects on the Society Research
  12. Decision-Making in Cancer MDT
  13. Depression and Cancer in Caucasian Female Patient
  14. Depression is a Cancer of the Mind
  15. Descriptive Epidemiology of Cancer in the UK Report
  16. Details on Cancer in US
  17. Dietary Approach to Colon Cancer Prevention
  18. Different Types of Cancer and Treatment
  19. Different Views on Cancer Based on Religion, Culture, Race, Class and Gender
  20. Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer
  21. Dog’s Are Kids’ Best Friends: Reducing Symptoms of Cancer Treatments
  22. Dying of Breast Cancer in the 1800s
  23. Dyspnea in Cancer Patients Editing
  24. Early Detection of Lung Cancer
  25. Education is a right not a privilegeWhat if the cure for cancer
  26. Effective Solutions to the Prevention of Cervical Cancer
  27. Effects of X-rays, Water Bottle Plastics and Cell Phones in The Cause of Cancer as Illustrated in a Bioethics Study
  28. Emotional and Psychological Effects of Cancer
  29. Employing Cancer Vulnerability Reduction in Ukraine Research
  30. The emotional impact of cancer diagnosis and treatment
  31. The spiritual impact of cancer
  32. Death and cancer
  33. Caring for someone with cancer
  34. Coping with cancer during remission

Analytical Cancer Essay Topics

  1. What are the symptoms of cancer?
  2. How is cancer diagnosed?
  3. What are some treatments for cancer?
  4. What is the prognosis for people with cancer?
  5. What are the causes of cancer?
  6. What factors might increase your risk of developing cancer?
  7. What can you do to reduce your risk of developing cancer?
  8. How can you cope with the diagnosis of cancer?
  9. How can you live with cancer?
  10. How can cancer be prevented?

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Cancer essay topics
Cancer Essay Topics

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Persuasive Cancer Essay Topics

Persuasive cancer essay topics are plentiful and varied, so there is no need to feel limited when writing about the topic. You can explore different angles and perspectives, make a strong case for intervention, or simply share your thoughts on what you believe may be effective in preventing the disease. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. What role do personal beliefs play in cancer prevention?
  2. What have been some of the most successful cancer prevention programs?
  3. How can we best support cancer patients and their families?
  4. What might be responsible for rising rates of cancer?
  5. What could be done to reduce the incidence and severity of cancer?
  6. What can be done to reduce the stigma associated with cancer?
  7. How do we move forward in addressing the large financial burden cancer imposes on society?
  8. In what ways could improved early detection efforts help reduce the incidence of cancer?
  9. What should be done to improve the quality of cancer care?
  10. What factors can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of cancer prevention and treatment programs?
  11. What kind of research is necessary to improve our understanding of cancer etiology and pathogenesis?
  12. What can be done to ensure that patients have accurate information about their cancer diagnosis and treatment options?
  13. A Community Capacity-Enhancement Approach to Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Coursework
  14. A Look at The Root, Impact, and Remedy for Pancreatic Cancer
  15. A Research Paper on Skin Cancer Detection Using Cnn
  16. A Short Essay About Cancer
  17. A Study of How Cleveland Clinics Price Their Cancer Treatment and Screening Services
  18. About Breast Cancer Disease
  19. Air Pollution as a Factor for Renal Cancer
  20. Alternative medicines for various forms of cancer
  21. American Cancer Society
  22. American Cancer Society’ Social Media Networks Usage Research
  23. An Overview of Leukemia – Blood Cancer
  24. Angiostatic Approaches to Cancer Therapy
  25. Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Report
  26. Anti-angiogenic Therapy for Breast Cancer
  27. Anti-angiogenic Therapy in Breast Cancer
  28. Application of Nanotechnology in Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases: Cancer
  29. Approach to Care: Cancer
  30. Argumentative Essay on Cervical Cancer
  31. Asbestos and Rising Of Cancer
  32. Assigment of Cancer and It’s Causes
  33. Association of CYP3A4 in Cancer OccurrenceSeverity and Drug Metabolism
  34. Battle Against Cancer in New York State
  35. What can be done to increase the number of cancer survivors?

Cancer Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Cancer Disease and Its Impact Report
  2. Cancer Epidemic Research and Expectations
  3. Breast Cancer Persuasive
  4. Breast Cancer Public Relations Campaign Report
  5. Breast cancer reflection
  6. Breast Cancer Risk Factors: Genetic and Nutritional Influences
  7. Breast Cancer Screening Among Non-Adherent Women Report
  8. Breast Cancer Screening in Young American Women Proposal
  9. Breast Cancer Signs Guideline
  10. Breast Cancer Survivors: Effects of a Psychoeducational Intervention Essay (Critical Writing)
  11. Breast Cancer Susceptibility Gene (BRCA2) Report
  12. Breast Cancer Symptoms and Causes
  13. Breast Cancer Understanding Report (Assessment)
  14. Breast Cancer Walk
  15. Brief Information on Skin Cancer
  16. Campaign on Implementation of Lifestyle Change Program to Prevent Breast Cancer
  17. Can Korean Red Ginseng Increase the Life Span of Cancer Patients?
  18. Cancer – Is Prevention better than cure?
  19. Cancer Epidemiology Among Chinese Americans
  20. Cancer Epidemiology for American Population
  21. Cancer Epidemiology in the United States
  22. Cancer Fighting Diet
  23. Cancer Informative Speech
  24. Cancer is a destructive disease
  25. Cancer Longitudinal Exploration
  26. Cancer Outline and The Importance of Cancer Research
  27. Cancer Pathophysiology and Nursing Management
  28. Cancer Patient’s Autonomy and Medical Ethics
  29. Cancer Patients’ Financial Status and Life Quality
  30. Cancer Screening in Lesbians, Gays, Transgenders Research
  31. Cancer the Silent Killer
  32. Cancer Treatment | Latest Technologies
  33. Cancer Treatment and Life Quality in Adult Patients Essay (Article)
  34. Cancer treatment by Nanotechnology Report
  35. Cancer Treatment Effects on Sexual Function Proposal
  36. Cancer vs Diabetes
  37. Cannabis and Cancer Pain Management Coursework
  38. Care Needs of Children Whose Parents Have Incurable Cancer
  39. Case Management for Breast Cancer Patients
  40. Case Study – Bowel Cancer

Relevant Cancer Essay Topics

  1. Diets that can prevent cancer
  2. How does X-ray cause cancer?
  3. The kind of cancers that can be cured surgically
  4. Susceptibility of cancer
  5. Is there a link between skin bleaching and cancer?
  6. The best way to be free from cancer
  7. Prognosis of the various stages of cancer
  8. Support programs and therapies that assist cancer patients in living a happy life
  9. Do environmental factors cause cancer?
  10. Causes of lung cancer aside from smoking
  11. Cancer and its effects on the immune system
  12. Causes of cancer
  13. Benign and malignant neoplasia: difference and similarities
  14. Cancer and your Mental Health
  15. What are the factors that increase ones susceptibility to cancer
  16. How to stop the spread of cancerous cells within the body
  17. Researches on cancer and their importance in the treatment of cancer
  18. Every one in four women is liable to develop breast cancer. What are medical experts doing about it?
  19. Aggressive chemotherapy in managing cancer
  20. Does smoking cause cancer?
  21. Is cancer hereditary?
  22. Does smoking cause cancer of the lungs?
  23. The common challenges that cancer patients face
  24. Is cancer phasic?
  25. Is cancer life-threatening?
  26. Is cancer curable?
  27. Best ways to manage cancer
  28. How to tell if a person will develop cancer
  29. The effects of cancer on a family
  30. What factors make women very prone to breast cancer, and how can they protect themselves from developing it?
  31. Signs and symptoms of cancer
  32. How to detect breast cancer
  33. Psychological effects of cancer
  34. Which foods are mutagenic?
  35. Can cancer be managed without medication?
  36. Do sexually transmitted infections make a person more vulnerable to cancer of the reproductive system?
  37. Does lack of exercise cause cancer?
  38. Treatment of cancer with herbs
  39. How to prevent cancer
  40. Are secondary smokers liable to have lung cancer?
  41. How doctors stop the spread of cancer within the body
  42. Things that have been discovered through cancer research
  43. Can laptops really cause cervical and testicular cancer?
  44. Common carcinogenic product that an average person uses every day
  45. Cancer and clinical trials
  46. Is a non-smoker also liable to develop cancer?
  47. How do cancer cells spread?
  48. Is cancer a genetic disease?
  49. Prostate cancer and age
  50. Is there a link between lifestyle and cancer?
  51. Cancer and the upcoming generation
  52. Your lifestyle and cancer
  53. Is a particular race more susceptible to cancer?
  54. Why do people hardly talk about the cure of cancer even when it’s out there
  55. Effects of radiation therapy on a person with cancer
  56. Is cancer communicable?
  57. Can excessive use of earplugs and cellphones cause brain cancer?
  58. Early testing and detection help in the treatment of cancer
  59. Diagnosis of cancer
  60. How people with cancer can live long

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Cancer Essay Outline

If you want to compose your paper fast, you’ll need a good plan. It shows what sections you need to fulfill. Thus, the work runs smoothly and quickly. Therefore, a cancer essay outline will come to you in handy.

  • Introductory section
    • General idea
    • Sub-topics
    • A thesis statement
  • The main plot
    • Development of your concepts
    • Implementation of the evidence and examples
  • Conclusion
    • Summarization of your project

Make a captivating first line, introduce subtopics and the main argument. Develop your thesis and sub-topics in the main plot, which should be supported by good examples. The defining chapter is a summary of your main points and your opinion about the entire issue.

Cancer Essay Example

The abnormal cell growth in our body which spreads to other parts as well is what is termed as cancer. Around four lakh of people in India are known to be affected by this disease every year. More so, around half of them are not able to survive as they are usually detected in the last stages of cancer. Hence it is all the more important to educate the people about this disease and its symptoms so that it can be detected early and the lives of the people suffering from it can be saved.

Types of Cancer:

Cancer can affect any body part. The part that is affected gives it the name, for instance, lung cancer which affects the lungs, skin cancer in which the skin is affected and so on. However, we can broadly divide cancer into four types. The first one is Sarcoma which is known to affect the blood vessels, bones, muscles cartilages and connective tissues.

The second type of cancer is Carcinoma which affects the internal organs of the body or the skin. The third type is the Lymphoma. This cancer affects the lymph glands and the lymph nodes. The last type in which cancer can be categorised is Leukaemia which largely affects the parts forming blood such as the bone marrow.

Symptoms of Cancer:

Although no particular cause is known to trigger this disease, some activities have been associated as the cause of different types of cancer. The first and foremost is smoking. Excess smoking affects the entire respiratory system thereby leading to the onset of lung cancer.

More so chewing tobacco is also attributed to giving rise to mouth and throat cancer. Similarly, alcohol is attributed to be the cause of stomach, liver and gallbladder cancer. Summarising it, all the ill habits of society and urbanisation have been attributed to this disease. Even radiations coming from X-ray machines can prove harmful and lead to cancer. That is why there are proper laws an protection in place when exposing people to these harmful radiations.

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Cancer essay topics
Cancer Essay Topics

Treatments Available:

If detected in early stages, cancer can surely be curable. Surgery is one of the primary steps of curing this disease. If required, doctors remove the body part affected such as the uterus, gallbladder or the breast. Thereafter, through radiotherapy, the cancerous cells on the other affected parts of the body are killed so that they don’t spread to other parts. Chemotherapy is done using the strong chemical in order to kill the cancerous cells.

Other methods such as tumour suppressing genes are used in different types of cancer as may be the need advised by the doctors. Whatever the method, it is extremely difficult to go through the pain and social stigma such as loss hair which comes alongside the treatment of cancer.

Living with this Disease:

It is indeed very difficult to live with this disease as not only this disease is not fully curable but the treatment is so tough that it scares even the toughest of individuals. We, as a society, must support the people suffering from cancer and help in their difficult times. We must not discriminate them and must understand that is already suffering a lot and must not do anything which further aggravates their sufferings.

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Related FAQs

1. What is the meaning of cancer?

Cancer comes in many forms and types. Cancer is the collective name given to the disease where certain cells of the person’s body start dividing continuously, refusing to stop.

2. What are the causes of cancer?

Although the common cancer diagnosed in women is breast cancer, 28% of the deaths arising from cancer are from lung cancer. Since cancer is as a result of cells that do not die and grow uncontrollably, then the causes of cancer are many and different. Normal cells follow an orderly path of growth, division and eventually their death.

3. What is breast cancer in simple words?

Breast cancer is concerning a large number of female individuals worldwide. This disease comes from abnormally developed breast tissue, which usually begins in either lobules or ducts of the breast.

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