If you’re looking for Abortion Essay Topics, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re interested in discussing the pro and con arguments surrounding the procedure or diving into deeper personal reflections, you’re sure to find something that interests you. But which topics are the most popular? And are there any that should be avoided?

Abortion Essay Topics

Best Abortion Essay Topics

  1. What is abortion and why do people choose to have one?
  2. What are the different types of abortion?
  3. How common is abortion in the United States?
  4. What are the risks and benefits of abortion?
  5. Do women regret having abortions?
  6. How can abortion be prevented?
  7. Why do so many married couples make abortions?
  8. Should every woman be limited to just one abortion during her life?
  9. Does an unborn baby feel the pain during the abortion?
  10. What does a woman feel after she made an abortion?
  11. Should abortion be legalized all over the world?
  12. How does abortion affect the woman’s health?
  13. Why do couples break up after an abortion so often?
  14. Is it better to make abortion or to give birth and place a baby in the orphanage?
  15. Why do many countries are against abortion because of religious reasons?
  16. Does an unborn baby have a soul?
  17. Can we consider an abortion as a real murder?
  18. Should women go to prison for making an abortion?
  19. Is it safe for a woman to make an abortion when doctors highly recommend it?
  20. A woman’s life before and after abortion: what does it change exactly?
  21. Save a little life inside you!
  22. What are the main reasons a woman makes an abortion?
  23. Reasons why parents should interact with their kids
  24. Methods of preventing unwanted pregnancies
  25. Peer pressure among the youths
  26. How to abstain from sex before marriage
  27. Factors that contribute to abortion among adolescents
  28. Human reproductive system
  29. Pros and cons of abortion
  30. What society thinks about abortion

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Argumentative Abortion Essay Topics

  1. What are the different arguments for and against abortion?
  2. What are the pros and cons of abortion based on the individual’s beliefs?
  3. Should abortion be legalized in all cases? Why or why not?
  4. Is abortion morally wrong? If so, what should be done to prevent it from happening?
  5. The Pros and Cons of Abortion
  6. How Abortion Has Changed over the Years
  7. Rape as a Factor in Abortion Decisions
  8. The Religious Argument Against Abortion
  9. Abortion Rights and Wrongs
  10. What are the benefits and harms of abortion?
  11. What is the philosophical debate over abortion?
  12. Are abortions ever justified?
  13. Is abortion murder?
  14. Should abortion be legal in all cases?
  15. How does the abortion debate play out in different countries?
  16. The Pros and Cons of Abortion
  17. The Impact of Abortion on Society
  18. The History of Abortion
  19. The Argument for Abortion Rights
  20. What is the abortion debate about?
  21. What are the pro-choice and pro-life arguments?
  22. What is the Roe v. Wade ruling?
  23. How has the abortion debate changed over the years?
  24. What are some recent abortion laws in America?
  25. Is Abortion Moral, or should it be abhorred?
  26. Abortion Is not just A Medical Or Surgical Procedure.
  27. The Debate over the psychological trauma after an abortion
  28. Abortion: The Precious Gift Of Being or a wrapped lie?
  29. Abortion: A Woman‘s Choice or a man’s pressure?
  30. Is Abortion Medically important for some health issues?
  31. Psychology and the Morality of Abortion
  32. The Effects Of Abortion from A Medical perspective
  33. Abortion And its consequences
  34. Solutions to the high abortion rate in America
  35. Effects of abortion on reproductive ability in women
  36. Abortion: consequences after the deed
  37. Analysis of the facts concerning abortion
  38. Abortion Should Not Be legal
  39. Is there any true justification for an abortion?
  40. Is Abortion A Shame Solution?
  41. Abortion Is Morally Permissible Or bad?
  42. What Are the myths Concerning Abortion?
  43. Limited public Funds For Abortion
  44. Abortion: Is It Really an offense?
  45. Abortion And Its Effects On Societal values
  46. Abortion Is Murder in disguise
  47. Abortion:  an advocation for Saving Or Ending Lives?
  48. Abortion and its mental consequences
  49. Abortion Is The Killing Of An Unborn child. Myth or true?
  50. Abortion Rights and privileges in Poland
  51. Abortion Pro-Choice/Pro-Life
  52. Abortion: The Pope and Peter Singer
  53. Abortion: The Rights of A Mother
  54. Abortion: Through A Feminist Ethics Point of View
  55. Abortion: A Critical Analysis
  56. Abortion: Citation and Argument
  57. Abortion: Pregnancy and Supply Rebuttal Arguments
  58. Abortion: Pro-Choice Vs. Pro-Life
  59. Abortion: Pro-Life Vs Pro-Choice
  60. Abortion: Social Justice
  61. Abortion Is Death
  62. Limitations concerning legalized abortions
  63. Abortion: The unavoidable Pandemic
  64. The Natural Law of life in regards to Abortion
  65. Abortion should become a criminal offense
  66. Abortion Is Socially acceptable Or Not?
  67. Doctors should be charged for abortion.
  68. Abortion And The Contemporary world Issue Of Abortion
  69. History of Abortion in America
  70. Abortion: An insurmountable Problem?
  71. Should abortion be legalized?

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Abortion essay topics
Abortion Essay Topics

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Persuasive Abortion Essay Topics

  1. What is the pro-life position on abortion?
  2. Should abortions be allowed in cases of rape or incest?
  3. What are the risks and benefits of abortion?
  4. The personal and social implications of abortion.
  5. Risks associated with abortion, both physical and psychological.
  6. The legality of abortion in different countries around the world.
  7. The debate over fetal rights and abortion rights in the United States.
  8. The impact of abortion on families and society as a whole.
  9. What are the benefits of abortion?
  10. What are the risks of abortion?
  11. What are the alternatives to abortion?
  12. Should abortion be legalized?
  13. Abortion: The Fight For life
  14. The Choice Of Life versus Abortion
  15. British measures and approach in the Regulation of Abortion
  16. Is Abortion the best Option For A Mother?
  17. Can abortion be involuntary?
  18. Abortion: The essay on Abortion
  19. Abortion Is Not Permissible according to social ethics?
  20. Thought-Provoking Abortion Essay Topics
  21. Abortion: The Issue Of Abortion in the 21st century
  22. Abortion Is The Choice Of The Mother alone. True or false?
  23. Abortion: The biological  Problem after the procedure
  24. Abortion: A Social and Moral Issue
  25. Abortion in Europe
  26. Realistic Arguments Against Abortion
  27. A moral Debate Against Abortion
  28. Abortion and protected sex: any similarity?
  29. What are the hidden facts about abortion?
  30. Ban on the Abortion Pill
  31. Abortion Is Morally Wrong
  32. The moralities Of An Abortion
  33. Men’s Rights Concerning Abortion and their responsibilities
  34. Abortion: Women have a choice
  35. Abhorring abortion is a product of integrity
  36. Abortion: The Moral And Legal stance Of Abortion
  37. Abortion Should be banned
  38. Abortion: good or bad?

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Analytical Abortion Essay Topics

  1. What is abortion and why is it a controversial topic?
  2. How does the abortion process work?
  3. Are there any health risks associated with abortion?
  4. What are some of the ethical considerations surrounding abortion?
  5. Should abortion be legal or illegal in the United States?
  6. The Role of Religion in Abortion Decisions
  7. The Impact of Abortion on Women and Families
  8. The Dangers of Unsafe Abortion Procedures
  9. The Moral Status of Abortion
  10. The Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice Argument
  11. The Complexity of Abortion Law
  12. What are the abortion risks?
  13. What are some common reasons women choose abortion?
  14. How do abortion laws affect women’s health?
  15. What are the ethical implications of abortion?
  16. What is an abortion?
  17. Legality of abortion in different countries
  18. Religious arguments for and against abortion
  19. Psychological effects of abortion
  20. Abortion as a women’s health issue
  21. Women’s experiences with abortion
  22. Ethical considerations about abortion
  23. Abortion Is A Significant Moral decadence.
  24. America’s Abortion inconclusive measures.
  25. Abortion and religious point of view
  26. A Study On Illegal and legal Abortion
  27. The Issue Of Abortion Is Very Controversial; how true is this?
  28. Is Abortion The intentional termination of a pregnancy?
  29. Do women  Have the Right to Abort?
  30. Abortion Should Not Be disallowed
  31. The constitutional adaptation for Abortion
  32. Analysis of women’s mental standpoint during an Abortion Procedure
  33. Abortion: Abortions For What reason?
  34. Why Abortion Should Be Acceptable
  35. Why Abortion Should Be Illegal On January 22, 1973, The United States Supreme Court Legalized Abortion
  36. Number of abortions in the 4y US falls to lowest since 1973
  37. Victimless Crimes?: Prostitution, Drugs, Homosexuality, Abortion
  38. Is Abortion Ever Justified?
  39. Is Abortion Immoral?
  40. Is Emergency Contraception Equivalent to Abortion?
  41. Is Natural Law The Best Approach to Abortion?
  42. Abortion, Euthanasia, The Death Penalty and Economic Justice Are Examples of What?
  43. Abortion, Is It Murder Or A Right of Passage?
  44. Should Abortion Be Legal?
  45. Should Abortion Be Restricted?
  46. Supporting Abortion Rights
  47. The Abortion Case Roe Vs Wade
  48. The Comparison Between Abortion and Slavery
  49. Abortion: The Fifth Commandment
  50. Why Abortion Is Immoral?

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Abortion Essay Examples

Abortion Essay Example 1: WOMEN’S RIGHTS TO CHOOSE

Every person in the United States is granted inalienable rights, whether it be to practice their own religion or vote, which should include autonomy over their own bodies.  A woman should have the right to choose what she does with her own body, and in 1973 that became a possibility for American women.  In 1973 Roe v. Wade made it possible for women to legally choose to terminate unwanted pregnancies within their first two trimesters.  The government finally took into consideration the health and safety of young women that wanted nothing more than to be able to make choices about their reproductive health.

Before women have gone through gruesome procedures in order to get abortions in the past and still do today in countries that have banned them.  Women have taken pills to kill their baby, and every person has their own reasons for their decisions.  There have been many arguments and battles to get Roe v. Wade overturned but they have all fallen through so far.  Some pro-life supporters argue that abortion is murder and that life begins at conception.  Other significant arguments would include abortions cause mental health issues and selective discrimination against a baby is wrong (Abortion).  While these are good arguments, and everyone is opinionated in their own way, there are a lot of reasons someone may want or need an abortion.

I feel that women should be entitled to make their own decisions regarding their bodies.  Women that become pregnant unexpectedly get abandoned by their partner, kicked out by their parents, or simply cannot afford to have a child.  When you have a child your every thought must be about their child and put them first constantly, and some people are not ready for that responsibility (Abortion).  In countries where abortions are banned women risk dying or ruining their bodies in order to get an abortion.  If the United States were to revert to illegal abortions it would hurt the health and safety of so many young women across the nation.

Often, the pregnancy is terminated when women find out that their baby may have birth defect.  In the United States alone, sixty seven percent to ninety percent of unborn babies diagnosed with down syndrome are terminated.  There are a lot of pro-life supporters that feel this is selective discrimination.  There are also studies that show people with special needs are completely happy with their life and same for their parents (Raymer).  So, if having a child with special needs could potentially make you happier in the long-run, why do so many families decide to terminate them?  While special needs children are a joy to be around and really do bring happiness to their families and close friends, it is hard for some families to accommodate them, explaining why they may decide to terminate the pregnancy.  Cost adds up with a special needs’ child and as a parent you may need to take a lot of time off work to be with them and not everyone can afford those things (Coleman).  I am not stating the fact that if your child has some sort of special needs that you should abort it or that they would be a nuisance on somebody’s life,  I applaud the family that does go through with their pregnancy.  I feel women should have the choice to terminate their pregnancy if their child may suffer from a serious birth defect because they may not be able to accommodate the child as well as they need and deserve.  People often argue that the child can be adopted by a loving family but often children end up in the system and not all foster homes are as caring and loving as they should be.

A very known argument is that abortion is murder.  It is very sad to think an innocent human being is being killed and never got to live, what could have been, a wonderful life.  But what if the parents could not have provided them with a wonderful life?  Often, teen moms are left by their partners or abandoned by their own parents in that terrifying time.  Young adults are left to make their own decisions or make them before someone finds out.  Women often feel that they will be discriminated against by their loved ones and society, and let’s be honest, sometimes they are (Mehta).  Sometimes it is a joint decision between the mother and father about what to do.  Parents can’t always afford to have a child, are too young or maybe even too old.  Young adults in high school and college can’t always keep a baby due to hospital bills, diapers, and food but they also need to get their education while trying to raise a child and take care of themselves in the meantime.  People that are already parents may be in debt and simply cannot afford to have another kid.

Another argument made by pro-life supporters is that abortions can cause psychological and health issues later in life.  It is possible for a mother who lost their child to develop psychological issues later in life, but none have been linked to abortions.  Studies found that women who have gone through with abortions feel that they made the right choice, while women denied abortions feel resentment.  When parents do not want the child, neglect and abuse are more likely to follow (Kurzman).  The risk of death is fourteen percent higher during childbirth than it is to have an abortion.

There is no evidence that abortions themselves do not cause psychological problems later in life doesn’t mean that the abortion stigma does not.  Studies have shown that one in four women will terminate their pregnancy at least once in their life.  Other people hold judgement against women whom have had these procedures, and that judgement is what causes the mental health complications later in life (Mehta).  The community needs to work together to accept women during hard times, not bring them down and belittle them.

Abortions made life significantly safer for women that are considered a lot older to be having children, when it is dangerous for them to be baring a child.  Abortion rates have dropped overall since 2011 and are used mostly by women in an older age bracket, teens, and unmarried women.  Although the abortion rate has decreased over the years, twenty percent of pregnancies still end in abortion (Jones).  This decrease in abortions overall could result from birth control and other contraceptives where women are able to plan their pregnancies (Wind). It is such great news to see that the numbers have lowered over the years, but women are fourteen percent more likely to die during childbirth than while the chances of death during termination are point six to one-thousand.

Another reason that I feel women should be authorized to have legal termination of pregnancies in the United States is because a lot of women not given permission for a legal abortion, will go the extra mile to get one.  Latin America is one of the more well-known regions to outlaw abortions.  Because abortions are illegal, and women cannot easily obtain them, they go through rigorous and dangerous procedures in order to get one (Shepherd).  Usually, it is the lower-class women that are getting illegal abortions because they can barely maintain life for themselves, there is no way they would be able to support a child as well.

Too often are women hurt or killed in attempt of having an abortion.  There is a pill used in the United States to get rid of ovarian cysts.  Just like any other medication, you take it in specific doses and there are side effects and consequences for taking this medication.  In Latin America, women will try to obtain this medication called misoprostol, to try and have a natural termination of pregnancy (Goldberg).  This can have major health effects on the mother if she does not take the medicine properly, and since she isn’t using it for its actual purpose, more likely than not, they are taking it incorrectly.

The main point of abortions is to provide health and safety options for young women (Roberts).  We have lost too many young women to illegal termination because the government didn’t take their health and safety into consideration.  How often are children left in the streets or put into the system?  If you cannot afford to have a child, you shouldn’t.  If you don’t have the responsibility to care for another human being, then don’t allow yourself to set them up for disappointment.  Children should be cherished, loved and accepted for who they are and their flaws.  Just because you accidentally got pregnant or got someone else pregnant doesn’t mean there isn’t options.  If you are not ready to be a parent, explore the other choices you have available and make the decision you want to make, not the decision someone else has given to you.  Take control of your own body.

I’ve learned that society needs to stop judging individuals who have made mistakes and we should work harder to change the stigma of abortions.  There are hundreds of reasons people need an abortion and it should be their decision, because it is in fact their body.  As a community I hope that we can throw the stigma out the window and instead learn to comfort and accept those who need it.

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Abortion Essay Example 2: Personal Essay Statement on Abortion

Abortion essay example
Abortion Essay Example

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Abortion Essay Example 3 : The Murder Of Innocence

Abortion is a new generation’s way of shrugging off accountability of their action at the cost of human life agreeing to the first revision to the structure that says we have the proper way to give of discourse. Me personally for one beyond any doubt that most of us would agree to the reality that ready to say and do what we need and select. For it is our choice to control of speech our conclusions. In connection, moms at that point should have the right to have a fetus removal. On the off chance that ladies are given a choice to urge a premature birth, they should also take the time to think it through thoroughly sometime recently making a choice. Fetus removal has too many side impacts that can influence ladies for the rest of their lives.

Too premature birth gives ladies a chance to not bargain with an infant. A few individuals think premature birth is supportive to women because some women at that point will not battle with cash since of having an infant. At that point, a few individuals think fetus removal is hurtful to the lives of women since there are numerous results to getting a fetus removal. Premature birth has numerous destructive impacts on women and should be constrained to spare the lives of the unborn. The practice and doing of abortion are well-defined to be the end of each pregnancy in which the incident does not result in birth. (cram,n.d) Abortions had been legally done for many of thousands of years in every society that was known. It was even legal in the U.S from the arrival of the earliest settlers and remained most commonly practiced during the time the Constitution was adopted. (cram,2018,n.d). Abortion practice legally everywhere including the U.S until it was zeroed out in most states to save the life of the mother.

Even when it became illegal, abortions were considerably and most commonly practiced. Women that were wealthy traveled to different states that legalized the practice of abortions in order to terminate their unwanted preganacies. on the other hand,women that were less fortunate were forced to seek a more dangerous route facing self abortions clinics that were unsustainable. Abortion is not just a one-way process. There are several types of abortion methods used in terminating a pregnacy. The most commonly used abortion procedure consists of a oral medication thats also used as a pain killer to induce labor while eliminating the fetus. Another type of abortion procedure used is the in-clinic abortions which is used as a vacum to remove uterine contents. These abortions insure the termination of the fetus mean while ending a pregnancy. Early birth is one of the most secure invigorating methods out there. In general, there are one in four ladies within the U.S. will have a premature birth by the time they are 45 years old.

Arranged Parenthood leads the nation with the foremost up-to-date therapeutic measures and rules for wellbeing care counting fetus removal. Numerous women turned to abortions because they were simply unprepared for taking on such task as becoming a mother. They feared having a baby would interfere with their work, school and other responsibilities. Some also feared they couldn’t afford to have a child. There were others who feared the outcome of becoming a single parent. More young women frequently detailed that they were unprepared for the move to parenthood, whereas more seasoned women routinely cited their duty to dependent. There have been many studies showing different motives of different woman seeking abortions that she seems not to bear an infant presently (73%); which she did not need to be a single mother or was having relationship issues (48%). About four in 10 ladies said they had completed their childbearing, and nearly one-third were not prepared to have a child. Less than 1% said their parents’ or partners.’ In conclusion, earlier, fetus removal was illicit and relevant legally as an alternative as it was when the mother’s life was in threat. In any case, the Incomparable Court’s administering on Roe v. Swim case changed all the women’s views about the administering as a freeing to them.

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Be that as it may, the legalization of premature birth came with it possess contentions, and it has indeed been labeled a social issue within the joined together states and the world over. For example, in any case it is essential to note that premature birth or no fetus removal, people get to take a sharp look at the issues confronting the society nowadays and make a reliable choice. (www.coursehero/abortionKishaT3.com (2008). Nowadays, we are 7 billion individuals overly crowded, assets remain overly stressed, the world economy is debilitating, and countries are developing unsteady. Any individual who considers of bringing an undesirable child into the world without careful consideration needs to be mindful of the results of the strenuous life. Each country encompasses a national budget in arranging to account and cater for everybody. On the same note, each parent or young person should to have.

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