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180+ Relevant Cancer Essay Topics + Best Cancer Essay Example

We all know that cancer is a serious and life-threatening illness, but it’s also one that can be difficult to understand and talk about. If you’re looking for ideas for writing about cancer in an essay, or just want to find some good Cancer Essay Topics to write about, this list of essay topics will […]

100 + Controversial LGBT Essay Topics + LGBT Essay Example

Looking for LGBT essay topics? Look no further! In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of ideas to help get you started writing about this sensitive and often taboo topic. Whether you want to write about the history of the LGBT movement, discuss current issues impacting the community, or write about your personal […]

100 + Best Rhetoric Essay Topics & Rhetorical Analysis Outline

A rhetorical analysis is an essay that examines and evaluates a text (or sometimes other types of media, such as video) based on its rhetoric. Rather than focusing on what the actual message is, a rhetorical analysis looks at how that message is created and delivered. Rhetoric essay studies how writers and speakers have used […]

220 + Top & Best Psychology Essay Topics + [Psychology Essay Example]

As a student, you are likely required to write essays. But what if you could avoid the dreaded “writing process” altogether by using psychological essay topics? If you are looking for ideas for psychology essay topics, then read on! What is Psychology? What is psychology? Psychology is the study of the mind and its processes. […]

120 + Best Civil War Essay Topics + [Tips and Civil War Essay Example]

The American Civil War was a long and bloody conflict that took place over the course of four years and left more than 620,000 dead. It was the deadliest war in American history and it has been argued that it was also one of the most important. In this article, we will be looking at […]

150 + Crime Essay Topics & Best Crime Essay Example

To handle Crime Essay Topics effectively, you should grasp the content contained in the text. There are several areas you can be asked to handle. They include the various themes handled by the author, the characters in the book, and how they affect the plot, literary devices used, and the story’s settings, among others. The […]

170+ Slavery Essay Topics + [1 Best Example]

One of the most controversial topics in history is slavery. From ancient times until the early 20th century, people throughout the world were enslaved. The practice was so widespread that it has been called “the original sin” of humanity. In recent years, however, there has been a movement to abolish slavery once and for all. […]