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Crime is a factor that is always a worry in society. The presence of crime in any economy derails the development of that place as most investors shy away from investing in places that do not have security. The reduction of crime is the sole prerogative of the security officers. When a crime has been committed, it becomes the work of the investigators to unearth really happened that made the crime take place and get those responsible for answering for their crimes. Sometimes this work in not easy and may need the work of the forensic experts who will be able to analyze all the evidence collected and look at the crime scene to try and make meaning out of everything that took place during the crime. This work entails a lot of work, and any common person cannot understand. The two television programs have played a role in making the public and other experts understand how forensic work and investigations are carried out. Though meant for entertainment purposes, it is very clear that what the two show air is a replica of the actual things that take place in the crime scenes and the processes leading to the conviction of those responsible.

Criminalistics is an investigation tool that uses scientific methods to analyze evidence that has been gathered to unravel the crime that is under investigation. It looks at all the procedure used in the analysis that provides a clear way out for the investigators to get the full evidence. The impact of these two television programs cannot be overlooked as they have impacted on the way investigations and the operations of the criminals are done. These programs have had a positive impact on teaching those concerned about how important investigations are, but they have also shown criminals what to do that they may not be arrested. The two programs reveal most information that the investigators rely on in making their cases solid, gathering of evidence, analyzing the gathered evidence, and giving inference on the evidence gathered that leads to conviction is the main concern of the criminalistics. The use of scientific methods to gather and analyze the evidence is very important as it is believed that scientific analysis gives clear information that is important is the proceedings leading to a conviction. The programs have two effects: the first one being the importance of scientific investigations and how they are used to gather evidence and analyze the evidence to conviction, the second effect is that these programs have revealed to criminals what they investigators rely on to convict them.

The importance of the two programs in criminalistics;

Crime scene:

The evidence from the crime scene is always important as they are the ones used to give information on the crime that took place. The crime scene is usually protected that nobody can get into it to contaminate the evidence that is to be used by the forensic to gather the information that would help in the conviction of those responsible for the crime. The crime scene usually gives information on what happened in the scene and those people that might have been involved. Information like the bloodstains and the fingerprints are usually very important as forensic usually rely on this information to get the person involved. The fingerprints are always unique. Everybody has different prints form the other, and so it is important to collect the prints from the crime scene.

Collection of evidence:

The collection of evidence in the two programs shows how sensitive the collected information is important and should be kept safely. Contamination of the evidence usually leads to the conviction of the wrong person or failing to prosecute the case due to contaminated evidence. Contaminated evidence cannot be used by the police to convict a person of a crime. This evidence is the scientific specimen that is used to identify the person concerned about the crime to bring them to the full force of the law. The programs show how the evidence found in the crime scenes are important in making sure that the crime is fully understood.

Evidence analysis:

After the evidence has been collected, there is a keen analysis of the evidence in the forensic laboratory to ascertain the cause of death if the murder was involved and other analyses. The forensic laboratory uses scientific methods to come up with inferences that are acceptable in the analysis of the evidence produced in support of the crime. It is thus evident that the case relies on to make sure that the culprits are convicted. The programs show how to collect the evidence and how the evident id analyzes in the lab to bring a satisfactory answer.

The laboratory reports:

The purpose of the evidence being analyzed in the lab is for the lab technicians to come up with a report that can be used to identify the criminals. The same report is used to be used as evidence against those accused. It is this report that also shows the cause of death in case it is a homicide case that requires the analysis of the cause of death. Most forensic experts rely mostly of the scientific investigations for them to prosecute a case (Redmayne et al. 2017). The two programs have been used to show how the laboratory reports are essential in revealing the cause of death and those responsible for the same.

Identification of the victims:

This is another area that has been shown to be the use of forensic investigations. Many people are found dead and as such they must be identified. The forensic use the available information like the DNA, prints and blood groups to identify the victims. The laboratories and the machines available for the analysis are used to obtain the specimen required and the same compare with what is available in the government database to identify the victim. This another aspect that has been shown clearly by these two programs that reveal how victims are found dead and the procedure that the forensic use to identify the victim and those responsible for the crime.

Time of death:

Another factor that the forensic investigation usually reveal is the time of death of a victim. This is very important in knowing the movement of the person leading to the death. The time of death can be used to create a timeline that can be used by the investigators to know the last contact the person had or the last place the person was seen. The forensic scientists have the reagents that can reveal the time the person died and what caused the death of the victim. This is also another factor that the programs has revealed to be important in investigations.


The other factor that has proved to be important is the location of the crime. Sometimes bodies are found in a place after having been killed. The location of death can sometimes be found using the evidence in the shoes or other traces that have been found on the victim. This is important in understanding the place where the crime was committed. The knowledge of how to get the information about the location of death when there is controversy about the crime scene is also one that reveals much about the information that the television programs have illuminated.

All these are the good aspects that have been revealed by the television programs and are very important in the gathering information about what happens in a crime scene and other factors that are very important in forensic studies and investigations.

The negative aspects of the television program:

The other aspect of these programs and how they have affected criminality is the ability to teach the criminals of what to do in order to avoid being arrested after committing a crime. There has been ways in which criminals have been able to escape with crimes due to lack of evidence. The following are ways in which criminals have made it possible for them to get away with murder:

Interfering with the crime scene:

The programs have shown how criminals have managed to make away with huge sums of money, murder and other crimes by simply interfering with the crime scene (Edmond, 2016). The criminals have known that the forensic use what is left behind in the crime scene to make their cases stand. The criminals have leant ways of contaminating crime scenes to pollute the evidence that might be used. The programs show how criminals do everything to get away with their crimes. Such is like making sure that they clean all the finger prints that might be found in the crime scene.

Staging a crime;

Criminals have also learned how to stage a crime to reflect that the victim committed suicide. The programs have shown clearly how criminals stage murder to appear like the victim committed suicide. The know everything that the forensic will use to know whether is it murder or suicide (Koehler, 2018). These programs have made the work of the forensic scientists to become hard as the criminals know what will be used to make sure that the case sticks, this information being available in the programs make it easy for criminals to use in executing the crime.

Planting evidence:

The criminals have known what is to be used in analyzing the case and so most cases in the programs we see evidence being planted against a person simply because it is known that the evidence is what will be used by the investigators to convict a person of crime. This leads to a wrong person being arrested for the crime that he or she did not commit. This evidence usually makes it possible for the criminals to escape living a wrong person to carry the blame (Lin’kov, 2018). The story line of most of the episodes in this programs are usually the same story lines in most crimes and as such it is important to understand that the programs have an impact on crimes committed.

Use as a guide in committing crime:

Some of the stories are used by criminals to stage crimes that have been aired. It is very important to note that most crimes that take place usually pick some guidance from stories that they have seen in episodes of such programs. It makes is hard for the Forensic to get the evidence because the criminals know the story line and also know what the detectives will look for. Some of the crimes are so similar to others that for the forensic to get evidence they must go back to what had happened yet the two might not be related.

The programs have made it possible for the criminals to know the psychological thinking of the investigators. The information makes criminal gangs to continue operating knowing clearly that the investigators will look at a particular evidence in the crime scene. The information that most of these criminal gangs use are found in such programs making criminality very difficult.


It is evident that these television programs have had in impact in criminality. The impacts are both negative and positive. The understanding of the operations of the forensic scientists has made it difficult in making sure that the right evidence is found to incriminate somebody. Such stories have also provided blue prints for the operations of criminals who feel that they can use the stories and episodes in the stories to escape with crime. Though the intention of the stories are good and they are used to show how forensic scientists use the information they obtain to put people behind bars, it is important that such stories are used to guide against committing crime and not to encourage criminals to use the information to commit crime. It is worth to note that the purpose of entertainment is good and makes most people relax but if it interferes with the operation of investigators in real crimes.

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