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How exactly will artificial intelligence change our lives? Will it completely reshape our lives like the previous power revolution and Internet revolution? What is the nature of the AI ​​revolution?

This article takes everyone to look forward to a new world of artificial intelligence in the future, from all aspects of clothing, food, housing, travel, and all aspects of the new economy, to the meaning and value of life itself. Imagine the tremendous changes that artificial intelligence will bring to the world, and how Shaping our lives. Then, we will take a step back and take a closer look at the changes that today’s artificial intelligence has brought to all human industries, the Internet, finance, medical care, security, or manufacturing. In the end, why do all companies introduce this beast one by one, for ordinary people? In the end, what opportunities and challenges will we face, will you be reduced to a data chess piece used by others, or will the AI ​​master win the life? It’s all a topic I will cover.

First, why is this a revolution

In the past 5000 years, mankind has experienced the so-called agricultural revolution, the iron revolution, the first industrial revolution represented by a steam engine, the second industrial revolution represented by electricity, and the information revolution. We say that these revolutions are called revolutions, and they all liberate people from part of the heavy labor that they have to do. The agricultural revolution has made it unnecessary for us to hunt for shocks in order to scramble food sources, but to use tools or machines to replace what some humans can do. In the Iron Revolution, a large number of metal tools replaced the functions of human hands. In the Industrial Revolution era, the locomotive of the steam engine replaced the livestock, and the Jenny textile machine replaced the hand-woven fabric. Began to be replaced by machines. The information revolution represented by the Internet has made a qualitative change in the connection method between people and the combination efficiency of different elements of society. People do not need to memorize a large amount of useless knowledge every day, and the human brain begins to be quickly liberated.

However, the above-mentioned revolutions are all based on a long-term accumulation of human experience, refined into knowledge, refined into science, and then produced step by step. It is a living person. Their brains write experiences into books, and then the knowledge of books is learned by the next generation of people a little bit, and their experience is integrated into the book itself. If we say that one day, even this process of forming knowledge from experience can be handed over to a machine, then you say, is this a certain kind of ultimate revolution? Yes, this is the AI ​​revolution.

In the era of the industrial revolution, we make machines by thinking, and in the age of AI, we make machines that think. The change that artificial intelligence will make to the future is the automation of the process of forming our knowledge little by little. It is the automation of our process of replacing humans with machines. Before the AI ​​revolution, the entire process just described, which we can call the process of human learning and discovery, was the patent of the human brain. In the future, all this will become history

Second, what is an algorithm and what is an AI algorithm

Before explaining the AI ​​revolution, we must first understand something called an algorithm. When it comes to algorithms, you might think of programs. In the early days of computers, we tried to put human knowledge, such as calculations, into computers, and then use programs to solve problems. This thing we usually call algorithms. We can say that in the computer age before the AI ​​revolution, algorithms have changed our lives in an all-round way. Algorithms first express human logic, which can usually be expressed by mathematical formulas or some kind of symbolic language. Then we express this logic through the precise operation of transistors, and then help humans to work.

To understand exactly what an algorithm is, a very typical example is that sorting is a very classic algorithm. Messy numbers are piled together. We need to arrange them from large to small. Then, we will prescribe a process to let this series of data go in, and then come out neatly from big to small, this is an algorithm. How can we do it? There are countless ways. The simplest is to compare each data from left to right with the data next to it. Each time it encounters something larger than itself, it shifts one space to the right. The smaller one continues to be compared, so that the smallest one sinks to the end, and then the remaining numbers are processed, and the cycle is repeated, and it can come out from small to large. Of course, we can invent countless processes to achieve this, such as insert method, heap sorting, etc., but the change is inseparable, a process that can be realized automatically, each step proceeds according to certain rules, and we get the result we want. We can see that the algorithm is to automate the human logical process.

Further thinking, algorithms are not necessarily programs. Get a result through a given rule and automated process. As long as it is this matter, whether or not a computer can be regarded as an algorithm. For example, biological evolution can be regarded as a huge genetic evolution algorithm. At the beginning, there are a bunch of primitive cells. Then you specify a process. Cells can genetically produce the same new cells. This process will have errors and mutations. Then the natural environment can choose Favorable mutations, as long as iterations are enough, the result of this algorithm is all complex life types. Some social phenomena, such as the regulation of the economy by the free market, can also be regarded as algorithms, and you can think about it yourself.

This tells us that the algorithm is hierarchical, and the topmost algorithm is the symbolic world, which is a mathematical system, and the bottommost part is the physical world. Because the algorithm itself is actually an abstract transformation of a large number of symbols that can be manipulated, but when it falls on a computer program, it is actually transformed into a large number of transistors that open, close, and close. This is the level of physical implementation . Of course, if you insist that there is also a level between the two, that is, the code of the programmer on the computer, on the one hand it belongs to the embodiment of the symbol world, because you can use python or java for the same algorithm, on the one hand It is higher than the hardware layer. Can you run the same program on different computers? This can be thought of as the program layer.

So we can keep inputting people or natural algorithms into the computer and let the computer do these things for us. Too big we can input Newton’s law into a computer and help us calculate the orbit of the spacecraft on the moon, or we can put the Dirac equation into it and help us adjust the electromagnetic field of the accelerator, as small as writing a program to manage the company’s accounts and let the computer manage Our account.

The AI ​​revolution builds on the algorithm revolution, but goes beyond it. Why? What is the difference between AI algorithm and general program algorithm? That is, the AI ​​algorithm can be regarded as a program that allows the computer to write the algorithm itself, and write the program. The so-called generative algorithm, what is a program that can write a program, the program before the AI ​​algorithm, essentially does calculations according to human instructions. When you specify a screw in a nut of a certain size, it will be so Keep doing it, and what about modern AI algorithms? We said that the current AI algorithm is essentially looking for the matching rule between the screw and the nut. If the size is not suitable, how do I change it for myself. What is the benefit of this? If there is only one matching method for screws and nuts in the world, then maybe we can write them one by one using the old method, but if there are many different matching methods for different countries, then When we write an AI algorithm, it is equivalent to solving all the matching problems at once, which is equivalent to 10 lines of code, which can produce the effect of thousands of lines and tens of thousands of lines before.

This is still a bit abstract. If you think quickly, you can think of each AI algorithm as a small robot. It can learn the ability of a certain person through data, such as matching, and the characteristics of a man and a woman. Enter it and it knows whether it’s appropriate. This matching method is different in different countries, but as long as you have enough data, AI will accurately find this matching rule. Yes, yes, if you want it to learn, you have to give it data, and the AI ​​algorithm summarizes the rules from the data.

This is only the first step. What the AI ​​algorithm needs to learn is to learn the learning ability of the entire human being. Once a computer has mastered this ability, it can manage more and more things that only humans can govern. what does this mean? The most remarkable human brain work, plans, decisions, and even inventions that we have considered for thousands of years can be gradually replaced by machines. As it becomes more powerful and delicate, it will even know yourself better than you and become the master of everyone.

Third, the future life of the AI ​​era

Let’s take a look at the finest details to see how ai can ultimately affect our lives.

First, we say that AI algorithms will redefine our personal lives. What do you think of? Have you been brainwashed by the public number? The following are a few of the future life scenes that are often mentioned by people, and I attach my analysis.

First look at ourselves. I’m going to tell a few stories. You can judge whether such things will happen.

Story one redefining human health

Imagine one morning 20 years later, the intelligent sleep detection system carried on your brain will determine whether you should wake you up according to your brain wave map and the sleep cycle you passed at night, and then you are in the music that starts slowly A little wake up and start your wonderful day.

After we woke up, the smart bracelet has detected your blood index for you today, according to your recent eating records and preferences, we have selected a suitable breakfast for you, and sent instructions to the kitchen robot to do a good job. When eating breakfast, you will be presented with a personalized breakfast based on your recent blood composition records and your long-term information preferences. This principle is the same as above.

Since it’s the weekly check-up time again, your personal computer will prompt you to go to the nearest check-up center for testing soon after you finish your meal. In the test center, all your coefficients from the brain to the body are calculated once, and then according to your computer situation in the supercomputer, it detects that you have a risk of stomach cancer after 5 years, and a huge simulator starts to simulate different Under the disease risk control plan, you will get the results. After hundreds of millions of simulations, an optimal recommended plan has been formed. This plan contains your diet and exercise plan for several years to minimize potential risks. In this way, as some deadly diseases are almost eliminated, human life will become extremely long. With technologies such as organ replacement, we will even begin to overcome death. Unfortunately, because the rich and the poor exist, these latest technologies must be used for the richest and most powerful people. Therefore, human beings will eventually not only be the differentiation of wealth, but the physiological differentiation, and become two Species.

Analysis: Technically, the most basic things in life such as sleep and diet, we say that in today’s era seems to have nothing to do with algorithms and data. In fact, all these things are related to algorithms. For example, the human brain, the most complex machine in the universe consisting of 100 billion neurons, is actually a collection of biological algorithms. Although you accepted the order of this precision instrument, you actually knew nothing about him. (For example, people form and solidify the memories of the day before in their sleep …) The true management of a complex machine such as the human brain becomes possible in the AI ​​era. why? First, the AI ​​algorithm obtains human brain data through sensors (nuclear magnetic, EEG), and then they can effectively use the AI ​​algorithm to learn the relationship between the data of these sensors and the state of our brain’s cognitive function, such as what you are in Sleep cycle. Then, these AI algorithms can be controlled, such as waking you at the stage of your sleep cycle that is most suitable for awakening.

Our body is the same. Before the 21st century, even the most accurate Western medicine, the fault of the body was the logic of which kind of repair. Once the AI ​​algorithm is involved, our body data will be actually included in the detection data. The model can detect the risk of any disease in real time based on various parameters of the entire body to predict all the preliminary work that needs to be done in the early stage.

So the technology is feasible. As for whether the humans will be divided into two species as Uval, the author of a brief history of the future, I think this may not be very large, because it is not expensive to migrate data-related technologies from one person to another. It is precisely because of the AI’s telemedicine system that some very poor areas can now receive the most advanced areas of medical treatment. In this regard, AI is eliminating inequality.

Story 2: Socially Guided by Machines

You are an uncommunicative AI programmer. You wrote a two-hour program in the morning. Your brain monitor has already discovered that your efficiency is decreasing. Therefore, it recommends that you go for a walk. A self-driving clean energy vehicle has already stopped at the door. It decided to take you to the Summer Palace. Of course, if you are not satisfied, just adjust the location options slightly, so the vehicle starts and goes to the destination.

In the park, your personal assistant system knows that you are usually very homey but you actually like 邂逅, so it quickly communicates with the personal AI assistant of the opposite sex who is currently in the park, matches the data of both parties, and then calculates an optimal one.邂逅 Object, the two computers reached a consensus and sent a message to the host. Then a happy encounter began.

Of course, you are a bit nervous when you see her. It ’s okay. According to the personality of the other person, the personal assistant has already given you a chat reminder. What you have become very talkative. Because such romantic encounters are too many and too easy, we are no longer willing to marry a person and grow old, but instead enjoy this kind of U disk-like encounter.

Even because the assistant robot is too powerful, many otakus are no longer willing to contact humans when chatting with her.

Analysis: This story is to show the possible impact of AI on human society. The best match between people becomes too easy. Will it finally shake the most basic human relationships such as marriage and family. If a relationship starts and you just make a request in your personal assistant app, will anyone still need a long relationship?

Story three: an empty workshop

We look at this beautiful new world from the perspective of human society. Machines already exist in all positions previously thought to be performed by individuals alone. We see empty car production lines and empty hospitals. Even the most exquisite skills are equipped with the best visual and auditory recognition systems. Machines that have undergone multiple rounds of reinforcement learning can be skillfully completed. So where do you ask the laborers? They are all playing, except for a few extremely intelligent AI engineers.

Analysis: This is probably the most common story you’ve heard about public numbers, about automation and unemployment. I personally think that the real realization of such a story will be very long at first, and then, even if there are so many AI occupying the factory’s assembly line, more people will enter the entire AI production line. This does not only include procedures. Crew members, including those who need to test the AI ​​’s behavior in a variety of situations, take the driverless situation, a new driverless car is coming out, then it may not be the same as the previous car. The engine, and the rules of behavior, such as whether to choose conservative or efficient under various special circumstances, then how many designers will be required to simply manage AI behavior. Others may become AI analysts. For example, Ke Jie has begun to explore the true meaning of Go from Aphago.

Taking a step back, even if AI really replaced a lot of work that replaced humans, it is not the end of humanity. Humans are not necessarily born for work. There are many things that can give people life meaning. So how to create a low job but high happiness The degree of society may be a new issue at that time.

Story 4: Government of Machine Will

What about the government? What about the leaders who determine the livelihood of the people? These need a lot of people to manage it. In fact, in this new world, the head has also been replaced by a super decision-making system that has accumulated all the databases of human historical development. Would you like to build a railway in a certain place in the city, well, our data decision-making system will be based on the past The income data of all railways, combined with the current characteristics of the entire region, give a profit forecast of railway construction, and a recommendation index. You must know that this is much more efficient than the previous think tanks. It is dominated by various emotions and subconscious, and different people, and the so-called voting, as long as people’s emotions are affected and manipulated by certain common factors, it can be very irrational.

Analysis: This is also some aspects that many AI enthusiasts care about. Although the realization of this story is not completely impossible, I think it is unlikely to be realized within 50 years. Some micro-influenced decisions that can be made with AI may indeed be affected by AI. Contract off,

However, more complex and highly motivated decisions that the state can make, such as implementing certain reforms to guarantee the interests of a certain class, will not be replaced unless strong AI becomes a reality.

Story 5: Machine Controlled Life

Now that most of the industries, even the main functions of the government, have been removed by AI, we naturally ask what humans are doing. In fact, the most useful professions at this time may be philosophers, because their favorite discussion is what is the meaning of life. This is a very meaningful topic in this era, because the major decisions of our lives can be exchanged in large quantities. Given the AI ​​algorithm, what is the meaning of human existence, except for those geniuses who design algorithms very individually, as an ordinary person, what is the meaning of existence? A few decades ago, you could at least say that I am my free will, I think, therefore I am, I am moving, so I am, and now, every pulse in your brain is recorded by the machine, and then it knows you better than you Where you want to go, who you will date with, if the machine wants to control you, then as long as you guide your dopamine signal in a certain way, you will unknowingly become the person you don’t want to be. Isn’t this world too terrible? What is your existence and meaning? So in such a world, a philosopher or psychologist has become a very good career. He may guide you constantly. If you use your talents in a certain area, you will create some good artworks. For example, you can write novels, draw pictures, and you continuously create and improve, which may be the meaning of your life.

Analysis: The view here is that creation always belongs to human territory, but from the perspective of the development of AI algorithms, it is not necessarily. The current gan technology has been able to simulate people to create some paintings with a fixed artistic style. If the reinforcement learning used in Aphago is combined in the future, it may go beyond simply imitating everyone’s works, but in different people’s works. Here we find the evolutionary laws of human creation, and constantly produce new artistic styles that can please people.

What about scientific creation? Yes, we say that scientific creation is a long river of human history, and groundbreaking innovations based on a large amount of experience inspired sparks. Popper believes that the emergence of these scientific and technological achievements is not even too predictable. The contingency of progress has brought uncertainty to the course of human history. However, in the real era of AI, this may also change. In addition to philosophical studies such as relativity, a large number of experimental courses, such as drug design, will be replaced by machines, because the exploration of this type of discipline depends on A lot of trial and error, this trial and error process allows AI to do much higher than humans, so in the future, a large number of highly effective drugs may be designed by AI, and the cars and airplanes you make range from shape curves to material selection It also comes from AI.

Of course, what about relativity, evolutionary level discoveries? This may not be the momentary level of AI, because essentially these things require AI to build the entire cognitive system of the world, and most critically, the self-awareness. Even the brain science in the early 21st century has nothing to do with these things. As we know, if these are broken one day, then what we are facing is not the question of whether human beings are meaningful or not, but whether human beings still need to exist. Since this basic question has no answer for a while, we don’t need to be too anxious.

Story 6: Strong AI rules humans, and humans become AI’s pets.

Let this be your own analysis.

This is a beautiful new world that AI may bring in decades. Although I have sufficient reasons to believe that this is the future trend, it is not something we need to worry about today. What we need to worry more about is today and in the future. 3, 5 years, how AI will affect our lives. Let’s analyze one by one in the future industrial layout, how AI will affect the future of each industry one by one.

The impact of AI on the current industry: give you a map of the future penetration of the AI ​​industry

It is said that AI will invade various industries, but when will your own industry be infiltrated by AI, do you have a set of thinking methods, here I will give you a thinking framework for thinking about this problem.

First of all, we look at this issue from a macro level. What is an enterprise in the AI ​​era? We say that each company has its own brand of times. The most typical successful companies in the early 20th century were Ford and General Motors, and the most typical successful companies in the mid 20th century were companies like Sony and Panasonic. The most successful company in the 21st century is Google.

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