11 Aug 20

Ethics And Civil Liability

            Ethics is a branch of philosophy that study the concepts of good and wrong. Criminal justice ethics is the study of these concepts as they apply in law enforcement. Law enforcement agents are expected to operate within ethical guidelines consistent with the society‚Äôs standard. Ethical considerations should be central to decisions that involve force, […]

11 Aug 20

Price Determination

For this discussion, you are asked think of a business you will like to start. Briefly describe your products and services. Decide which type of price discrimination would work best for your products or services. Be specific and consider the real applicability of your choice. Explain in detail. Price discrimination occurs in a very competitive […]

11 Aug 20

Women in Film

Introduction  Gender is represented in movies based on the political, historical, and social aspects surrounding the time when the movie is created. Most of the females are underrepresented in films, and this is due to the inability of most women to be in the film industry. This makes men hire fewer females and give them […]

20 Jul 20

What’s the legal frame for online casinos in India?

Online gambling has been in existence in India ever before. With the increased advancement in technology and the evolution of the internet, online gambling has gained popularity across many territories. So, is online gambling legal in India? Despite the massive popularity gain of online gambling in India, there have always been debates. Some officials say […]

17 Jul 20

Forensic Science Television Report;

Introduction: Crime is a factor that is always a worry in society. The presence of crime in any economy derails the development of that place as most investors shy away from investing in places that do not have security. The reduction of crime is the sole prerogative of the security officers. When a crime has […]

23 Jun 20

Foreign Court Decisions and Tax Treaties

Introduction  Courts are an essential arm of any government. They are useful in the interpretation of the law. These laws include tax laws and treaties between countries. The research sought to address the question as to how much courts help to explain the terms of a tax treaty. Currently, the world is full of tax […]

22 Jun 20

Benchmark – Professional Capstone and Practicum Reflective Journal

New practice approaches Understanding my practicum gave me a critical chance of growing new aptitudes and gathering information by the arrangement of care of patients with type 2 diabetes. For this situation, I saw that one needed to have important details just as aptitudes concerning dealing with invalid’s manifestations and torment. In particular, I understood […]

22 Jun 20


To understand DKA, we first have to understand Ketones (Laffel, 1999). These are molecules, acidic that is formed when we burn fat to produce energy.  As fat is broken down, this acidic molecules will build up in the blood and urine. When the particles are at high levels, dehydration also occurs, this will lead to Diabetic […]

26 Apr 20

Will Brazil become the new epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic?

It started in China, migrated to Europe and today it haunts the United States. Everything indicates that the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic changes places as the pathogen spreads to a new nation and its health authorities manage to create or not a quick and efficient response to stop it, in addition to providing adequate […]