HIV/STDs: Care Resource

            HIV/AIDS menace continues to be a serious medical issue affecting the world population. The virus lowers the immune system of affected humans. While mitigation measures have been put in place to control the scourge, thousands of new infections are recorded each year. Both the community and state-based organizations are in the forefront of fighting


What is asthma? The Asthma is a chronic disease and heterogeneous caused by inflammation of the airways. It is characterized by respiratory symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and cough, which vary over time and in intensity, associated with a variable expiratory airflow limitation (measured by an examination that is flame spirometry). See more information on asthma symptoms.

Learn how to market on Facebook

Millions of companies worldwide have a Facebook page or profile . Usually these businesses enter the largest social network in the world with a similar goal: to attract more customers. But few really reach new consumers, or still use Facebook to build customer loyalty that they have ever bought at their store or even their online store. Facebook can be

Facebook Marketing Tips 34: Fantastic Facebook Marketing Tips You Must Practice Right Now!

Performing well on Facebook is important to engaging more users and creating a positive image of your brand. Learn how to do it right now!  (Click on the player to hear the narration of our post!) It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know Facebook. Almost 2 billion people already access Mark Zuckerberg’s social network   every day. You don’t have